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Welcome to Budo Challenge!

The Budo Challenge is the first professional submission fighting league with the vision to dignify and value the world’s elite grapplers and allow them to serve as role models and be positive influences for current and future generations in our communities.

The striking visual impact of the event is based on instilling traditional values and concepts into the minds of the viewers. The revolutionary rules of the Budo Challenge bring non-stop action and excitement unparalleled in modern judo, wrestling, or jiu-jitsu events. The commentators, special effects, officiating and scoring systems provide an easy-to-follow format that allows spectators to understand and follow the helicopter sweeps, rear naked chokes, omoplata joint locks, and guillotine submissions that happen with machine-gun speed.

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Rickson Gracie - Founder / Visionary

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on November 21, 1959, Rickson is a jiu jitsu 7th degree black belt Open Class Champion of the Gracie family and undefeated mixed martial arts champion.  As the third son of Grandmaster Helio Gracie, Rickson was born into jiu jitsu, started to compete at the age of six and was immediately acknowledged and esteemed as one of his kind.  At the age of fifteen, Rickson was already a purple belt.  However, this did not stop him from controlling and demolishing his opponents with more advanced belts.  Without any surprise, Rickson received his black belt when he turned eighteen, the youngest age that one can receive a black belt. At the age of twenty, Rickson fought a Brazilian brawler called Zulu, who had a 140-match undefeated record.  Rickson’s win over Zulu earned him immediate recognition in his home country and a reputation as the top free-style fighter.  Zulu requested a rematch and five years later, Rickson once again beat Zulu before an audience of 20,000.

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